1 Butter
1 Plain Flour
1/2 Milk
1/2 Paprika


Place the butter in a preheated suacepan and melt the butter down (on low heat.
Once the butter is melted down add the plain flour.
Stir well and cook the mixture of butter and plain flour which should go a bit lumpy and dry at this stage.
Very important that you cook this well (2-4 minutes.
Remove from heat and slowly, very slowly add the milk and stir in.
The sauce should now be getting smooth.
If it is lumpy you have been adding the milk to fast.
Keep adding the milk until the desired thickness is achieved.,
Add the paprika for a bit of extra kick.
Any other herbs or things like lemons can be added for a bit of extra taste.
This sauce is used in my fish and white sauce and my tuna mornay recipes as well so look for them.