1/4 Butter
1 Marshmallows
5 Marshmallows


Microwave margarine and marshmallows on high for 1 minutes in microwave-safe, very large mixing bowl.
Stir to combine.
(You can spray the bowl with cooking spray or grease with oil beforehand so the marshmallow stuff won’t stick. Microwave at high 1 minute longer.
Stir until smooth.
Add cereal.
Stir until well coated.
Spray or grease a funnel with oil, cooking spray or shortening.
Spray two baggies and place on your hands, oiled side out.
This will keep your hands from getting yucky.,
Press rice krispy mixture into the funnel (use waxed paper instead of your hand to press, and then place molded rise krispy kiss on waxed paper.
You may need to shape them a little more to make them look like kisses.
Repeat until you have used all of your rice krispy mixture.