4 Peanuts
1/4 Ghee
1 1/2 Jaggery
1/2 Coconut
1 Cardamom Powder


In a big kadai, add peanuts with skin to melted ghee on medium heat.
Keep on stirring continuously with a spatula.
When the peanuts start turning reddish, test one of them to see whether the skin can be removed by pressing with your thumb, remove from fire.
Rub the peanuts in a plate till all the skin comes off.
Set aside in a plate.
Slice the coconut into small thin square pieces.
In a kadai, add the jaggery with 1/2 cup water and cut coconut pieces.
Keep a cup of water ready.,
When the jaggery mix boils and starts thickening, add one tsp.
of jaggery mix to the cup of water.
The jaggery should not dissolve in water.
When you roll it into a ball, the jaggery should be soft.
Add cardamom powder to the jaggery mix.
In a broad plate, place the cleaned peanuts and pour the jaggery mix over it little by little one ladle at a time.
Mix them evenly with a thin edged spatula.
Make lemon sized balls with your hand while it is still hot.
Dip hands in water or rice flour periodically while making the candy.,
The peanut balls start hardening as they cool down.
The same peanut-jaggery mixture can be poured into different moulds.
They are cut into small pieces according to requirement.
For garnishing, dried grated coconut is used which is dipped in various food colours.