2 Dry Yeast
2 Water
4 Sugar
4 1/2 Flour
2 Salt
2 Eggs
4 Shortening


Dissolve yeast in warm water.
Stir sugar, salt, and half of the flour into the yeast mixture.
Beat in the eggs and shortening.
Add the remaining flour and beat until smooth.
Scrape down the sides of bowl, and cover with a cloth, and let rise in a warm place, until doubled in bulk (approx. 30 minutes.
Stir down the dough.
Add more sifted flour until it can be worked with hands (just add gradually until it feels right.
Knead a few times, not a lot; just get it worked in and ready to pinch off into rolls.,
Pinch the rolls off (medium sized, and place in a greased pan.
It may take two pans; one small, and one larger, for all the dough.
You can also make loaves of bread out of it.
Allow it to rise again, until doubled in bulk.
Bake at 375-400 for 15-20 minutes .
When done, brush with butter (while hot.
Note: You can also use this recipe to make bread loaves (it should make 2 loaves in traditional bread pans, or cinnamon rolls.
For the cinnamon rolls, roll the dough out, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and roll up like a jelly roll.,
Slice off, place in a baking pan, and bake at the same temperature as the rolls, until done.
Coat with frosting made with powdered sugar, milk, and a dash of vanilla.